• For more information about the causes, risks, prevention and treatment for HIV/AIDS
    • For the sexual history of your partner(s)
    • Responsibility for knowing your HIV status and reducing your risk
    • Responsibly and in the best interest of yourself, your partner(s) and the needs of those living with HIV/AIDS


  • The Act Against AIDS Leadership Initiative (AAALI) is a $16 million, six-year CDC partnership that harnesses the collective strength of some of the nation’s leading organizations to fight HIV in populations hardest hit.  The effort brings together a wide range of organizations, including civic, social, civil rights and professional organizations, as well as those in government, education and media. While many AAALI partners have longstanding commitments to fighting HIV in their communities, the initiative provides the critical funding needed to allow each group to make HIV prevention a core component of its day-to-day activities. Each organization uses AAALI funds to support an HIV coordinator who works through the organization’s membership networks to disseminate Act Against AIDS campaign materials and HIV prevention services. AAALI is a key component of Act Against AIDS (AAA) – CDC’s five-year, $45 million campaign to re-engage every American in the fight against HIV by combating complacency, increasing testing, and raising awareness among communities at risk.

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    Dr. Faith E. Foreman, Project Director
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