August 2019 commemorates 400 years since "20 and odd Negroes" were brought ashore to Jamestown, VA. during the transatlantic slave trade.Over these years, African Americans have been resilient and persevered despite seemingly insurmountable odds. That is why the Trump administration's statements about Congressman Elijah Cummings and the people of Baltimore is such an affront to our community. Too many times this administration has insulted, attacked and disregarded people of color. Never have we seen the office of the presidency support and perpetuate racism, bigotry and hatred towards its citizens in such a blatant way. We will not remain silent during this administration's continuation of its biased policies. We stand in support of Congressman Cummings and the people of Baltimore.


Sigma Gamma Rho was founded by women of color who dared to organize around a common purpose in the face of intolerance and indifference. Nearly 97 years later, Sigma women are ready, willing and able to stand up and speak out for the right to equal treatment and representation for all.


We encourage our members, affiliates and friends to speak out against this administration's racist statements and its policies regarding family separation, voter suppression, civil and human rights violations and attempts to undermine the 2020 census count. Call and write your members of the House of Representatives and Senators and peacefully protest in marches and rallies. Most importantly, we must maintain our strategic focus on voter mobilization and encourage others to vote. We must continue to be impactful in our communities.


Standing in Solidarity,


Deborah Catchings-Smith

24th International Grand Basileus

Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.